Phil Davidson

About Phil Davidson
Vietnam Veteran Phil Davidson's life reads like a spy novel, full of intrigue, mystery, combat and even a happy ending.

Awarded the Bronze Star, Combat Infantry Badge and Vietnamese Jump Wings, his years in the military have been followed by working in law enforcement and becoming an expert in hostage negotiations and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Phil Davidson is also the author of the SWAT Tactical Training manual which has been used to train police across the country. He also worked with President Reagan's Veteran Affairs Council and received a Ph.D in College Administration before becoming an attorney practicing Civil Rights litigation.

Phil Davidson is also an attorney who lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Karen. He is a former infantry Captain who commanded a group of Cambodian and Vietnamese Kit Carson Scouts on a night ambush team in the Mekong Delta. Through his years of being in the military, Phil has developed great skill in telling war stories. The Warrior is a military action adventure and provides a thrilling look into the life of a soldier. Anyone that has been in the military will enjoy this book. He is currently at work on a second novel.