Phil Davidson

About the Book 
The Warrior, a military thriller novel, is historical fiction at its best. It also has paranormal elements. Captain David Elliot has to face his past in order to have peace with his future. David's team fails a critical secret assignment to annihilate members of the Viet Cong after one of the team members rebells. This incident has severe reprecusisons leading to the team being captured and tortured and David left for dead. At once critical moment the team vows to come to each others aide if they ever escape. That test of loyalty comes through one of the members as Keaton brings them together again. But is he bringing them together for good or for evil, for God or for Satan? As David is wrestling with his past his wife is held captive by the Argentine Secret Service. This act forces David to return to being a warrior, causing him to deal with his past failure and become a hero again under God's divine guidance.

Phil Davidson's book The Warrior is dedicated to preserving the bond of brotherhood that military members commit to, shows the power of faith in overcoming life's most adverse situations, shows the strength of families working through challenges, and the healing from trauma that occurs by becoming bold enough to face the enemies of your past.

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